4 Sets:
10 Ab Rollouts
10 Barbell Hip Thrusts (lying on floor)
10 each leg (slow and controlled) Single Leg Raises
*Rest 2 minutes b/t sets
1/8/2019 - Workout of the Day

Score Type:: Total Time

For Time:
100 yard shuttle run
15 double arm KB Clean
15 double arm KB Push Press
80 yard shuttle run
10 double arm KB Clean
10 double arm KB Push Press
40 yard shuttle run
5 double arm KB Clean
5 double arm KB Push Press

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Rafal Poplawski

Rafal Poplawski 11 months ago / Reply

1/8/2019 - Workout of the Day: 6:19
Notes: 135 lbs barbell hang clean and push press

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