LEAN Metabolic Boot Camp

LEAN Metabolic Boot Camp

Event Details

10am - 1045am

What Is It?:

  • 30-45 Minutes

  • Mobility Warm Up

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Burn Fat

  • Body Weight Strengthening Exercises

  • Strengthen and Shape the Body

  • Move better

  • Leave the class feeling better than ever

  • Have lots of fun

This class is for people wanting to burn fat, shape the body, strengthen the bones and musculature, get in shape, move better, feel better, and have fun. We’re excited to offer this new class, and we look forward to growing this new community.

Event Info:

LEAN Metabolic Boot Camp

Date: Dec. 15, 2018

Location: 6497 Shallowford Rd, Lewisville NC

Registration: $0.00

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